Pregnancy & Kids

Children & Chiropractic Children deserve the best chance to express their God-given potential. From the moment they are conceived, the nervous system controls every stage of their development. In fact, the health of the nervous system controls the person they will grow up to be. For every function to happen in harmony, children must be

We Treat For

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and conditions that affect the muscles, bones, and nervous system. Our clinical team emphasizes quality of care to achieve fast, sustainable improvements. Here is a list of some of the ailments we treat: -ADHD -Allergies -Asthma -Auto Accidents -Back Pain -Bed Wetting -Carpal Tunnel -Colic -Ear Infections

TRT Technique

Dr. Chris uses a chiropractic spinal analysis and adjusting method called Torque Release Technique (TRT). TRT is a “non-manipulative” adjustment, which means there is no “popping or twisting” required. Torque Release bases its technique on gentle touch and light thrusting by hand-held instrument. This low-force adjusting method allows the nervous system to better integrate and