Children & Chiropractic

Children deserve the best chance to express their God-given potential. From the moment they are conceived, the nervous system controls every stage of their development. In fact, the health of the nervous system controls the person they will grow up to be. For every function to happen in harmony, children must be free of nerve interference and subluxation. Come find out how our kids are living happy, healthy, and drug-free lives the way God intended.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Chiropractic is not only safe for pregnancy, but it is highly beneficial for a healthy mom and a healthy baby! Throughout pregnancy, the center of gravity changes for the mother, which directly places extra pressure on the spine and pelvis. This results in subluxation of the spine, which can cause sciatica (pain down the back off the leg), back pain, headaches…etc. Regular chiropractic adjustments will allow the spine to be aligned correctly, and will increase blood flow and nutrients to the mother and baby. Some benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy are: normal blood pressure, easier/shortened labor, and maximum health potential for the mom and baby!