“Exodus Chiropractic has been the answer to my prayers for healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. According to my doctors, the only treatment plan for me was going to be a pain management plan of weekly, monthly, epidurals of my neck and spine. I didn’t want to mask the pain; I wanted to be healed! Exodus Chiropractic of Franklin did just that. I have my life back! Thank you, God bless you.”

– Karen Torrey

“My entire family receives chiropractic care. I began coming because of severe curvature of the spine. At the age of 25, spine specialists told me I would need major reconstructive surgery or expect to be confined to a wheelchair before age 40. I am now 35 and in 2 years of seeing Exodus Chiropractic, I have seen significant straightening in my spine, to the point that I am actually 1-inch taller! I have also seen other unexpected improvements in my overall health, including significant improvements in my digestive health.”

-Mark England

“Since I have been coming to Exodus Chiropractic the diabetes number for me has gone down 42 points. That is the lowest number it has been for years! My leg cramps have stopped, also my feet cramps stopped. I feel so much better. Thank you and God, bless you.”

-Michael Updegraff

“Glory to God; I feel Fantastic!! I am honored to give my Testimony and thank you for the compliments; it’s all about the “Jesus” in me and all of you!! When my knee started to bother me several months ago, I met a precious young lady who told me about “Exodus”. It was an answer to prayer – my church prayed for my knee on and off, it would be fine for a time but it always came back. I told the Lord if He wanted me to go to a doctor He would have to show me the one. Enter Exodus Chiropractic. The young lady said “you will never be the same” (that was an understatement)!! I look forward to every visit and I will be coming back regularly till Jesus comes, Amen!! I thank God every day for this amazing “Healing Ministry” because that is what it is. And for all of you there, I know how hard you all work and many times must be tired but it never shows. You all are a ray of sunshine in this dark world. Thank you a thousand times. Thank you for the prayers. I will always keep you in mine. God’s blessings and His promises be upon you, in you and be fulfilled.”

-In Christ Jesus, Patricia Strauss

“This is a testimony to Psalms 139:14 which says, ‘…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…’ My baby boy, Jamin, is two years old. He was born at home with a midwife. I took him to the doctor when he was 8 days old to be circumcised. GOD MADE HIS BODY TO HEAL ITSELF. As a Nutritional Counselor, I understand that if I continually feed and cleanse his body it has an opportunity to heal itself. However, if his little spine is misaligned he will not reap the optimum benefits of good nutrition. I am fully persuaded that the combination of Chiropractic and good nutrition is God’s design for us to walk in good health. One thing I know for certain, when Jamin has a fever it is not because he is deficient in Tylenol or ibuprofen. As a mom I am committed to see to it that my children’s spines are maintained and that they are daily getting what they need to feed and cleanse their bodies. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

Drew Guetterman

“When we started at Exodus, none of us had any major health problems, we just wanted to start coming as a proactive method of taking care of ourselves. Since we’ve been coming though, we definitely all feel a lot better and are staying healthy. Our daughter Meredith did occasionally have stomach crampsafter eating but has noticed that since she’s been coming to Exodus she no longer has that problem. I (Angie) did have a muscle in my back that would knot up at various times and that has been relieved tremendously since I’ve been getting adjusted. I truly think that coming to Exodus has and will continue to improve our health.”

-The Burress family

“Thank you Dr. Chris so much! I really thought I was a piece of work and honestly thought I might be crazy since all the meds weren’t working for years, but I kept not being able to live like other people even when I had as much as they did. I thought it was some punishment from God because I ran off with a guy instead of staying on a better path. After seeing the x-rays and the assessment, I now have hope that I may be able to enjoy life instead of dreading each new morning!”


“First impressions are key. Dr. Chris has a clean office, modern and sort of hip. I love the music that he plays constantly. Dr. Chris is upfront, honest, and wants to make his patients feel better…I have no meniscus on my left knee. I have bone on bone…I can attest that Dr. Chris and TRT works. My energy level is up. My recoup time on riding long distances on my bicycle rides is shorter. I can work 12-14 hours on my feet and the pain is not nearly as bad. I cannot wait to see how good I will feel in the next 3 months.”

-Philip T