At Exodus Chiropractic of Franklin our examinations are geared toward detection and correction of the vertebral SUBLUXATION. Subluxations are slight dislocations of the vertebrae in your spine. When your spine is subluxated, your nervous system is directly affected. You may or may not have symptoms depending on the time, nature, and severity of the subluxation.

As a new patient, you can expect to have the highest quality of care and diagnosis. By using a two-day “First Visit”, this allows the doctor to fully assess your findings before delivering your life-altering adjustment!

On Day 1 of your First Visit, you can expect two examinations. The first examination will be Palpation. This methodical exam is performed by Dr. Chris’ hand. He will “palpate” along your spine to detect spinal position, curvatures, muscle tone, and possible subluxations.

Our Complete Neurological Diagnostic Testing System will perform the second examination. This Insight Millennium examination equipment is NASA certified. It is designed to scan the surface of your entire spinal area. It detects heat and electrical impulses, which helps determine how subluxations are affecting your nervous system, motor nerve system, and your musculatory system. It is important to note that this examination helps scientifically understand the subluxation processes going on in your spine. It also gives us a baseline for future tests so we can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and your nervous system is functioning. Using the Insight Millennium Subluxation Examination is much more accurate that just depending on “how you feel” on any given day.

Why X-Rays?

Our Specific Postural Chiropractic X-Ray machine may be necessary depending on your age, and situation. Pregnancy, most children, and recent spinal x-rays will allow you to be exempt from this process. X-rays give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. X-rays also tell us the relative length of time subluxations may have been involved in your spine. Commonly, most patients receive two-four spinal x-rays at the beginning of care.

Your Second Visit

The Doctor’s Report (By appointment Only.)

This is by far your most IMPORTANT visit in our office! Dr. Chris will deliver a short, educational presentation in a group setting. He will explain what specific scientific adjustments will do to increase your life span, remove sickness and disease from the body. After the presentation, you will meet with Dr. Chris individually to receive your test results from the first visit. Following your consult with the doctor, you will receive your first adjustment.

Here are a few preparation tips for the Doctor’s Report:

  • Plan approximately for 60 minutes
  • If possible, please bring a spouse, family member, or a friend so that they can be apart of your care.
  • Afterwards, Dr. Chris will answer any questions you might have regarding your health or the health of your loved ones.
  • Come prepared to receive healing!!!

Your First Adjustment

All new patients receive fewer adjustments at a more gentle force for their first adjustment. The purpose for this is to determine how your body will respond to the adjustments before we begin more aggressive care. Once we observe that your body is not sensitive to the adjustments we will increase the number of regions adjusted and the amount of force we set on the instrument.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not notice immediate, lasting improvement from this first adjustment. It likely took years for your body to get into the condition that it is in right now, and it will take time and repetition of care to reverse the effects of years of stress and degeneration on the joints, muscles and nerves of the spine.

Dr. Chris may recommend that you follow a program of care over several months and many treatments. Our goal with this approach to chiropractic care is to create lasting change and correction rather than just pain or symptom relief. Following this adjustment you will no longer need to make any further appointments to receive treatment. For your convenience, we offer an “open schedule” practice that allows you to decide what days and times work best for you to receive your care.

In some cases the joints we adjust may become sore after the first treatments. This occurs because of irritation of chronically inflamed joints or nerves. If this happens to you, the symptoms are temporary much like the initial soreness that a person might have after starting a new exercise program. The best way to reduce this soreness is to place an icepack on the painful area for 15-20 minutes (never longer than 20 minutes, do not use heat, repeat icing as needed). This “tonal” chiropractic technique actually works with your body’s natural movement and motion to help your body naturally correct the restricted and misaligned segments in your spine and pelvis. Because of this we encourage all new patients to make time to dedicate to regular exercise while they are under care. Simply walking for 15-20 minutes each day can make a huge difference in the results you will see during your care.

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